Large and Small cover needed


I need a small and large cover for a story I’ve been working on. I’m hoping to publish the story this summer but, I need an artist to make me a cover. Anyone up to it?


Episode diamonds can


I know a person that might do it!
@xrebeccaax on her thread

***xrebeccaax's cover and splash request thread! :)***


Ok, so do I send them the details for the cover? Sorry I’m new to thing.


@gisellec @ForeverMagic112 @Jasirella @aprill @MadisonW @Unique_911 @nuggy @Isabella_R @Mya1357 @dasha_author @CrazygirldY_dY_dY

Come here think you can help


*this thing




Ok thnx!


What is the story title and author name

Do you want any characters in it

when do you need it and what do you want

and would you like to see any examples


How do you want me to send you the details?


I’m down to create the cover, might take me a little while to get it to you though!


wanna do the small or large cover and I do the small or large one


You follow her link


I’ll create the large one!


I create small @palakdhariwal can you send the deatils


Ok. Tysm!


Make a group so I can see them too haha


@linalilly10 @gisellec

Title: Hate and Love
Characters: Yes, 2
I need it by the 1st/2nd week of July.
I would like to see some examples if you have any.

I’ll send the character details in about 2 minutes.


I did this yesthday for fun


it looks really good! better than what i can do.