Large and small covers help!


Can someone help me create small and large cover art for limelight? That would be super helpful because I’m not very good at it. I will be sure to give you credit. If so thank you so much!


I can do it! What are the character details and what do you want in general?


Great! Thank you so much!

The story is called Wounded heart
By Noelle

And I really don’t care what you make it look like, but the story is basically about a girl who tries to run away from her past so she moves schools and then meets two boys and she is torn between them, she doesn’t know who she loves and wants to be with.

So make the art how you think would describe that

There are three characters

Skin- neutral 03

Brows: straight medium (color chestnut brown)

Hair: slicked back solid (color chestnut brown)

Eyes: deepest downturned (color green emerald)

Face: diamond soft

Nose: male generic

Lips: medium heart (color beige rose)


Skin: copper 02

Brow: straight medium (color dark brown)

Hair: wavy quiff (color light brown)

Eyes: deepset downturned (color hazel dark)

Face: male generic

Nose: male generic

Lips: medium heart (color beige rose)

Then the main girl

Skin: copper 00

Brow: arched thick styled (color chestnut brown)

Hair: short wavy ombre (color blonde medium)

Eyes: round medium (color blue deep)

Face: heart soft

Nose: defined natural

Lips: full heart pouty (color peach matte)

Dress them however you would like

Sorry that took so long, thank you so much for the help and let me know if I forgot something!


I am excited for this request! I will have it either done in a few hours or tomorrow!


That’s perfect! Thank you so much!


The large cover is finished @noelle09, hope you like it! For the small one I have something else in mind!


YESSS!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you very much :smile:


It’s more or less the right size… You should download the image by pushing on it and then push the download button. And if the problem is when uploading it, and you see like the lines and it’s to small to fit all 3 characters you can make that square larger… But where is the problem? In the second thing, that you see this? Cause you can just adjust those lines easy…


okay I figured it out. Sorry about that.