Large and small covers needed ASAP

I have finished the first 5 chapters of my new story but before I release it, Can any one please help me and do me a small and large cover with these characters thankyou

What do you want the cover to look like?

  • Cover:
  • Background
  • Character Pose
  • Text/Title (Font)
  • Etc.

I need small and big if able to but 2 different designs if not don’t worry.
Small one I would like EXT. ST JEZEBEL ISLAND BEACH - SUNSET with my characters Alaska who’s is sad clutch and Toby talk sad

Big cover I would like it EXT. MALIBU HOME - DAY with both character on path and Alaska cry snob and Oscar being aggressive

  • You and Me… and written by BlueSnowflake09
    And can I have writing fancy thankyou