Large cover and small



hey guys my name is amelia i am new on episode writting and i need a help !! can someone help me make a large and small cover pleaseeee ? :smile:




go here there the best Episode Helpers, We love helping people


Hey I could help, here are some examples of my work:

Pm me the details if you would like the covers from me :))


I tell her to invite you to the pm


Hey I want a cover a sent it to some people from your team to fix my large cover do you want me to sent it to you if you can help me of course ? ^^


Ok I will send it to you then :smiley:


So here is the positions I love them all I don’t know which one to choose and the back round I want without of course with the people there authors name is Amelia
And the title of episode is across the distance


Hey hun, I’m the one assigned to do your cover art for you. I was wondering are these the same outfits you want the characters in for the cover? Thanks :slight_smile: I look forward to making your covers.


Hey, sorry for the late reply. I’ll get started!


Hope you like it!!


I had to change the background because the other was too small.


thx megan for doing it


thankkk you is very niceee really <3


megan you should make the title more noticebale you can use be funky or the cool fronts or pixlr express but other than that is great


Thanks for the feedback! I will keep it in mind for future edits!


It looks amazing :scream: did you draw the female character?


For this I put the character in the poses I wanted but yes I redrew the outline of the characters :slight_smile: After that I colored in the details like clothes or hair. Most times I just draw by hand though.