Large cover feedback needed!

Hey guys, this is my my large cover for my upcming story called ‘Top Designer’. Instead of doing basically an enlarged version of the small cover I thought of doing something unique and wanted it to give the readers an idea of what the story has to offer. It still has minor changes left and I’d really appreciate any feedback :heart:

The text is slightly cropped out which is really annoying but as long as it’s still readable I didn’t really bother.



I love the sneek peak kind of thing you did and I don’t think the words being cropped out is a big issue! Good work! What’s the name of your story btw? :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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Thank you so much! It’s ‘Top Designer’ and it’ll be released in ~5-6 days. You can check some teasers on my IG @Episode.Rocky :heart:


Sure! I’ll follow you! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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Ohmygawd-- Your editing skills are something else!!

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Thank you so much! :heart:

wow- this is stunning !!!

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i’ll follow uu, and i can’t wait for you to release it! will most def be giving it a read :))

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Thank you so much! I can’t wait to put it out for everyone to enjoy :heart:

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