Large Cover Feedback

I’m working on a new story and want to figure out which large cover would appeal to the most amount of people. Which one do you prefer:

  1. Obviously this one would need a background I just can’t figure out what I want it to be
  • Number 1 (the teaser) is better
  • Number 2 (the characters) is better
  • I have an idea for a better cover (comment!!!)
  • I’m not really feeling any of the covers

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If you're interested in this story

The Story Pitch
The small cover
I have no idea when I’m planning on publishing it lol

So this is the one I’m going with for now because my artistic ability is abysmal and … aaaah I just want the story to look interesting because I personally think it’s one of the best I’ve written lol

  • This new cover is better than the others
  • I still like the three people cover
  • I still like the words cover
  • Girl… yikesTM lmao

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