Large Cover For Story


Okay. Would it be okay if I chose the outfits? :blush:


I can do it here are my examples


I’m already doing it, sorry.


Ya sure


Okay, what kind of background did you have in mind?

Also, did you want any contour on the characters?

Aaaaaaaaaaand, what animations did you like me to do for your characters?


I was thinking about this backgound

I think I want them to be mad at eachother or something like that

I want them to have contour


Okay. I’ll go ahead and start!


Okay thanks


Hi, where do you want your characters on the cover?

And, is it okay if I put them into an outfit of my choice?


I’m sorry that I didn’t reply sooner I don’t mind where they are and the outfits you can choose


Okay, thank you! :blush: