Large cover needed INK. who wants to help me

Hello. I need a large cover for my INK story. Trust the love.
I’m almost ready to launch the first few episodes but I forgotten the large cover.
I already have a small cover .
Who can make one large cover for me in not to much time.

I would like a large cover with the 2 MC on front.
And the background EXT. LA BEACH - NIGHT
With the fire in the background
And the two main characters each on a side of the fire. Looking at each other.

If the artist that wants to do it has another great idea. I’m all ears.

Text on the large cover: Trust the love by Miss Libra

Anyone up for it.


I could do it for you

That would be great.
Let me know if you need anything else, or if you got questions let me know.

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This is more then enough. It will be ready by this time tomorrow! :grin:

Thats really great, thank you SO MUCH

I can do it if no one has

thanks kendall.woods for responding. but chaychay is going to make one already.

Hey chay so I found this fonts you can use


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Thank you so much. I love the cover .

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Thank you kendall.woods

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Those are cool fonts!!

I can put one of this if you’d like.

Yeah sure. And Do you have time to make a few splashes.
Splash with the text: thank you for reading this story.
This story will continue

And a nice splash with: this story uses sound and music , so turn up you volume up

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Of course i have time… lol any specific background?

If you got any idea’s let your creativity loose I would say.

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I want to credit you of course for the great covers. With what name do you want to be credited.:smiley:

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Either @ChayChay or my insta is @chay_epsiode_615

will do that

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