Large cover needed


Hey everyone, I am writing a story for the new contest called “Fantastical - The Lost Queen”

I kind of need a large cover of my main character lost in a mystical woodland. Jayla12 was generous enough to provide me with a large cover so you can use this to help with the design of the character.


I can do it for u


Do you want to show me what you can do? :slight_smile:



Okay so I’ve been a bit experimenting and if it is not too far away I can add this too:

If you want to request something don’t be afraid to ask! If you don’t want, doesn’t matter it’s your choice!




That is seriously cool. I just need a large cover of my character


I can do that… it is like for a background or the actual large cover of the story?? So I know how to size it


Large cover


Gotcha… I will have it done in any 20 mins


Hey, anything on the cover?


I wil have it done in about 15 mins… looking for the perfect background for it


I made 4 because I couldn’t decide which background… lol




Thanks… I wasn’t sure about the color ones either… lol