Large Cover Requests [Closed]

Hey, I have a lot of free time on my hands, And i’d like to do something productive. So if anyone needs a large cover. I’ll be happy to help. Just fill in the details:

Quote (if want):
Character Details (Look and Outfit):
Anything else you WANT on the cover.
Story Summary:
2 Character max

I won’t be making covers for people who have no intention in using it. Also be mindful I’m not a professional.

Here are some of my past pieces:

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Title: The Artficial Return

Genre: Mystery

Character Details (Look and Outfit):

  1. Black beach wave hair

  2. White Upturned Bold eyes

  3. Soft heart face shape

  4. Nose elven

  5. Defined natural eyebrows

  6. Full round Raven mouth

  7. Ink Female Light Body


  • Diamond chocker necklace

  • Black Ridged Moto jacket

  • Black lace peek blouse

  • Black Harlequin Mask

  • Black Boho feather earrings

  • Black holiday sequin heels

  • Black leather leggings
    Anything else you WANT on the cover.
    Yes a small female kid character

  1. Black Straight bob Hair

  2. Soft Heart Face shape

  3. Upturned Bold Green eyes

  4. Nose elven

  5. Full round orange crush mouth

  6. Ink female light body

  7. Defined Natural eyebrows


  • Silver Pendant Necklace

  • Black boho Bracelet

  • Black girly Suspender dress

  • Calf Boots Black
    the first character is sad idle
    the second is the same

May I have a story summary so can gage where to start,
And I’ll try get it done by tomorrow night. :smile:

No need to hurry
and the story summary
A girl that her sister was kidnapped and she tries to save her and she is on a mission…I hope it helped :):grin::grin:

Title: The Evil Inside
Genre: Romance, drama and action
Quote (if want): She if fire and ice. You’ll fear the cold and crave the burn.
Character Details (Look and Outfit):
Girl - Hair Fishtail Braid (Platinum Blonde) Face Soft heart Eyebrows Defined Natural Eyes Upturned Bold (Green) Nose Soft natural Mouth Full round (Scarlett) Skin Ink Female (Tan)
Girl’s outfit - Jacket Winter black and red Top Touch of Scotland Shirt (black) Trousers Black Leather Leggings Shoes Black Chelsea boots and socks
Boy - Hair Short cropped (Black) Face Chiseled Square Eyebrows Thin arch Eyes Classic Round (Blue) Nose Button Mouth Smirk (Taupe) Skin Male (Taupe**
Boy’s Outfit - Jacket Cool leather jacket top Muscle white tank Trousers Ripped punk pants Shoes Black high top dance shoes Tattoo Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)
Anything else you WANT on the cover - Can I have the boy and the girl back to back and them both shooting guns and can they have realistic cut’s and bruises on their face please
Animation (I think these are right)-
@add handgun to CHARACTER
@CHARACTER is shoot_loop
Story Summary: Scarlett and her twin brother Caleb are everything you want to be - popular, rich, smart and pretty. But once Caleb’s friend’s come into the picture how will they change Scarlett’s life. Once the fire in her is lit will she let the flames burn or will she drown it in water so that it cant be lit again? What is Scarlett’s fire? How far will she go to find out?

Thank you for your entry,once I finish my other request i’ll get straight ln yours :smile:

Thank you, I appreciate you doing this so take as long as you need! I love your example covers by the way ! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, thank you that means alot

Large Cover Requests [Closed]

Here you go, I was anxious to atleast get one done today. I hope you like it :smile:


its amazing😍thank you soooo much and sorry i was late i was sleeping
Im gonna make it my story cover for sure
You’re so talented😊
Thank you❤

You are very welcome, I’m glad you like it :heart::duck:

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Which app do you use to edit? :kissing_heart:

I use multiple at different stages

Can you please name few of them but if you dont ant its okay :blush:

LOL I know Im annoying :joy: but actually I need also a small cover but different from the large cover do you think you can make me one just the same outfits and characters and everything but like different idea and for small cover??

if you agreed take your time you can even do it after a week

Thank you for your reply, I’m just doing my previous one then i’ll do yours

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Sure, I’ll give it a shot. Just message me any ideas you have. :heart:

Hey, Thank you for waiting. I really hope you like it. :heart:


OMG! This is amazing, I absolutely love it ! You’re so talented. Thank you so much. You’ll definitely be the first person I contact for my other stories! :hearts:

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Glad you like it :smile: