Large Cover Upload Issues

Every time I try to upload a large cover image, I get the following message.


No matter what size or type of extension (.jpeg, jpg, png, eg) I use, I get the same message. It even always says that the image I uploaded is 1.05MB specifically. Small covers work fine.

You have to compress your image, here I leave a web page.

I compressed images so much they didn’t even look like images anymore :tired_face: I even used covers I found on the forums to try it lol. Nun worked.

I can try to help you jus dm me I can like convert it :sob: or send it heree

this happens to me too :sob:
unfortunately it’s a bug, I had no other option than uploading the cover in bad quality from so much compression :pleading_face:
support tickets won’t help

Hello @VeryCoolAuthor, please let the support team know about this issue by sending them a help ticket :smiley:

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Another way to size it is to do 966 x 1334 (it’ll fit both large and small cover art size limits and won’t lose quality/aspect ratio when you upload as large or small cover) >>>> a Joseph Evans tip from his cover making tutorial.