Large group are small group roleplays? - Poll


Which do you prefer, a small roleplay with 4-5 people that may take longer between replies but lack uneccisary small talk or unrealistic drama/situations to make it interesting, OR roleplays with many people (12+) where there’s more opportunity to interact with other characters and is more quick between replies?

  • Small group roleplays
  • Large group roleplays
  • Both/No preference

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Bonus Question: Why?/Why not?


This is a great poll Herman… I like both though because they both have good and bad…


There, I added a both option


Thanks dude… lol


I never tried a small group rp…so IDK lol

Let me know if you find one about to start lol


Hey y’all can I join?


Join what?


I would like to join a roleplay


Oh, this isn’t the invitation to a role play. It’s just a poll on which you like better.


Oh my, is there any I could join then?


Maybe check the new ideas thread?


Sorry I’m new here and slow.
Maybe you could send me a link?



I like the small groups, when there are quick replies. Which gives room for Small talk and character development that can’t really be planned. Then there could also be planning and big situatuons to set up.

On the other hand, having a large world with one setting is fun. But I always seem to end up making my own kind of storyline if the RP doesn’t stay together. As in it’s running purely off of the original situation. And there are no opposing factors to make it interesting.


I like both. Small groups make it easier to interact and such, but at the same time so do large groups because there is always someone to rp with.
If I had to chose, I’d say small group. Solley because it give a roleplay-family kind of feel. That might just be the way I work with making my own roleplays. But I’m not saying big roleplays don’t have that. I would put it as a large family gather VS a small one.
In the large one you don’t really know what’s going on completely, but there are still chances to get to know others.
In a small family gathering, you already know everyone. (most of the time) And it’s more… cozy. I don’t know if this is accurate, it’s just what I think.