Large Object Cover needed!

Hey I need a large cover for my story Queen of The Mafia. I was thinking a Dagger. If you can do it or know someone who can, let me know


You need to include more details. Fill out all the information from here:

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Thats just so that artist know what they are getting into before they commit to something they may not actually be able to do

If you want I can pm u

Can you dm me on Instagram instead? My Instagram is @bree.episode.stories

I don’t have insta sry

i could try i would do it for free

Hi there!! I would love to help out, this sounds so good! :heart_eyes:




First of all, you can message me for any questions without commitment! :blush: And ask me about the price of a piece if you’re not sure, and don’t hesitate to decline after if you’re not sure, no worries!
I use PayPal for the payment.
We will talk about what you want, I will suggest things if you’re not sure, help out figure out how you want the drawing :heart:
After that, if you confirm your order I’ll get the sketch started :raised_hands:t2:
After showing you the sketch (with watermark) and make any changes you want me to without problem! Once you like it, we will proceed to the payment. PLEASE MARK IT AS FRIEND AND NOT AS SERVICE CAUSE PAYPAL WILL KEEP THE MONEY FOR SERVICE AND I DON’T WORK WITH THEM. Once I receive the money, I will continue and finish the piece and let you know how long it will take.
I will answer any questions you have and keep you updated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
When the piece is finished, I will send it via the media we were talking on (Forums, Instagram…) make any changes you want me to without problem and if you like it, I will send it via email so you can have the best quality possible!
No credit needed, of course!

Thank you so much, I really hope we can work together with this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Have a great time!!

Hi I really love your art work and I was wondering if you could make a small cover for my new story :relaxed:

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Of course, I would love to :blush: I’ll send you a private message