Large, small cover needed, outro and intro also needed for new story Bad Reputation

Heya, so I’m starting a new story called Bad Reputation, and I’m in need of 2 covers, 1 intro and 1 outro. Please only message if you’re willing to do it as I’ve asked favours before and I’ve just been let down. I get people have lives I honestly do I mean I have 2 kids and they’re pretty exhausting. So please only message if you’re serious about doing it.


Ofc we are serious and our art group makes covers, slpahes, and banners and more if you ask nicely. Request there @Episode.Artistry

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hello @Mummyof2!
id love to help make you make the intro and outro.

feel free to visit my thread ==> Sophbee's Art Request Thread | V2.0 | CLOSED TEMPORARILY
where you can find all the requests that ive done before.

and drop your request there or through PM if you’re interested. thank you! :yellow_heart:

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I’d love for you to do my intro and outro! That would be amazing thank you