Large & Small cover needed

So I need a large & small cover for my story. Is anyone up for it? Xx

There are many art threads that are offering you help you should go to some of them like

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I’m not saying you should go to those thread but those are the threads I like/I’m in but there are a lot of othe rthreads you can check out

I can help. :heart:
Instagram: @slt_.episode
You can see my edits/covers on there.

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I can do it here are some examples

image image image

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Wow! Your work is amazing. Do you do LL too? Xx

Wow! I love the LL one. Are you able to do both covers or just one of them?

If you still want the cover, PM me the details and I’ll make it for you :wink:


They’re not perfect. but I can still make a pretty good cover for you :blush:

I can do both

@Sydney_H close this please. :kissing_heart: :heart:

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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