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Welcome to the Last Girl Standing! The famous game show where 12 (maybe more or less) girls are placed in one house. Every week, a different girl goes home, depending on who gets the most votes! The winner of the game is the last person still in the game, winning the grand cash prize of $50,000!
There will be twists and turns in this game, and be prepared for the unexpected!

Will you be the Last Girl Standing?

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“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here! Welcome to the first ever series of the Last Girl Standing! I’m your host, Alissa Amedeo, and I will be here to give you all the details, and gossip from the girls. Without further adieu, here are our girls entering the house!”

“Mia Harper!”
Mia walks into the house, excited about being on the show. She was looking forward to start making new friends and have fun.

“Becca Samuels!”
As soon as she walked into the house, her first thought was what if people don’t like me? But she put on a smile, and tried to act confident, although it was the last thing she was feeling.

“Hallie Moore!”
This will be interesting, Hallie thought. She put her hand in her pocket, which had a pack of cigarettes she sneaked in, and looked over at the other girls, wondering what they are here for.

“Lyra Woods!”
She walked into the house, with a forced smile on her face. Confidence, Lyra, confidence. She kept telling herself.

“Eira White!”
Ha, I bet Aurora is so jealous of this! She thought to herself, smiling. She checked herself out at a nearby mirror, admiring her hairstyle for the day.

“Lola Blackwood!”
She looks around and all the girls, checking out the competition. I could easily beat all of these girls. She thought to herself they don’t stand a chance.

“Dani Pembroke!”
She took a deep breath, looking around at the other girls, wondering what they would think of her. And she looks out for people to make friends with.

“Grace Pleasant!”
She keeps her head down, not looking at anyone. She didn’t really want to talk to anyone, and just stands awkwardly, playing with her hair.

“Kaylee Morvay!”
She pushed her glasses up her nose, and looked around at everyone, wondering what their backstory is, and why they’re here.

“Harper Lee!”
She was stood in the corner, watching everyone, trying to see what she can find out about them from first impressions.

“And they are all of our girls! Let’s give them a while to interact with each other, and see where we go from there! But, at the end of this week, one of these girls will be going home! Who will it be? And who will be the Last Girl Standing?”

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i’m kind of worried posting this, it’s my first SG - and i’m so so sorry if i portrayed your character nothing like you wanted, please tell me how i can improve this on the form! :slight_smile:


>>Part 1<<

When the announcement was done, Hallie Moore decided she needed to talk to someone if she wanted to know their plans and motives. She walked over to the nearest girl, who was earlier announced as Harper Lee. “So, why are you here?” Hallie said, not wasting anytime by saying her name.
Harper was surprised by the sudden approach, and the prying, because normally that’s the kind of thing she does. Maybe we could make a team, Harper thought, She’s good at getting information out of people, so am I. “I’m here for family.” She said, “You?”
“Same,” Hallie said. Technically not a lie, she thought. Just a lot less detailed version of the truth. Then she had another thought, maybe this girl has a bigger reason for being here than just ‘family’… How am I going to find out?
Hmm this girl seems okay to team with… Harper thought. What do I have to lose if I ask? She sighed. “I think we could work well together,” She said, and then lowered her voice, so no one could here, “do you want to form an alliance?”

Lola looked around. Who to talk to? She thought to herself, looking and assessing each and every contestant. Her eyes fell on Dani. She looks interesting. She thought, and strutted over to her. “I’m Lola, you?” She said, confidently, as if she was demanding her to say her name.
Dani was taken aback by this girl, who came over to her randomly. She had her arms folded, as if she was defending herself. She smiled at her, politely, and said “I’m Dani…”
“So what do you think we’ll have to do for this contest?” Lola asked, “like do you think it will the physically, mentally, fashionably challenging?”
Dani didn’t really know what she meant by Fashionably challenging, so she just shrugged and said, “I don’t know. I probably won’t be very good at any of them, to be honest.” She said, with a slight laugh. This was a bit of a lie, but Dani didn’t really like saying she was good at things.
“Huh,” Lola said, acknowledging what she said. Well if she isn’t very good, that’s one less person in the competition. “So why are you here then…?”

“Gosh, everyone is so uptight!” Eira said, rolling her eyes. Eira’s comment caught Mia’s attention, and she turned around to talk to her. “Don’t you agree?” Eira said to her.
Mia shrugged, she didn’t really know why she thought everyone was uptight, but she nodded, and said “Sure.” Anyway, to make her happy. She didn’t really want to have a conversation about how everyone was ‘uptight’, since she didn’t want to make any enemies, so she changed the subject. “I’m Mia. What’s your name?” She said smiling at her.
Eira didn’t really like how Mia changed the subject, she liked saying her opinion. She rolled her eyes, again, but said “I’m Eira, but call me Winter.” She prefered the name Winter, because she thought it sounded cool (no pun intended).
“Ooh, Winter, that’s a nice name!” Mia said, happily. Then she looked around, “Wow, this is so exciting, isn’t it?”
Eira looked around too, but she didn’t get all excited, she stayed calm. “It’s okay…” She said. This conversation is awkwarddd Eira thought to herself.

Becca walked over to a pretty girl, Kaylee. “Hey there, girly, what’s your name?” She asked, cheerfully. Maybe I could make friends with this girl, Becca thought.
Kaylee looked at the girl, she seemed nice. “I’m Kaylee, you?”
“I’m Becca,” Becca said, smiling. “So, isn’t this so cool? Are you excited about this?”
Kaylee nodded, smiling, “Yeah, i’ve never really done anything like this before,” She said, looking around.
“Wow, I love your glasses!” Becca said, “Toootally geek chic!” She said, enthusiastically.
Kaylee smiled at the random compliment, but was grateful for it. “Thank you,” she said. “So what are you here for?”
Becca didn’t really like the personal question, she liked talking about fashion and clothes, but she answered it anyway. “My older brother signed me up, to be honest.” She said, “I didn’t really know about this show, until now.”
“Your brother must be really nice, looking out for you like that.” Kaylee said, surprised.

What if people don’t like me? What if they see right through me? Lyra was asking herself. Those questions kept popping up into her mind. She shakes her head, as if trying to shake those questions out of her head. Focus on something else, Lyra. She told herself. She looked around and her eye caught a dark haired girl, Grace. She walked over to this girl, thinking of what to say as she was walking. When she reached the girl, she knew exactly what to say. “Wow! I love your outfit, it’s so cool!”
Grace turned around to the girl, she looked at her, scanning her and what she looked like. She had white blonde hair, and she was really pretty, she seemed really confident, so Grace was flattered when Lyra took the time to compliment her. How can she be so confident? Grace thought. “Oh, thank you.” She said. What are you doing? Compliment her back! She told herself. “Your h-hair is pretty.”
“Oh, thanks,” Lyra smiled at the girl. “I’m Lyra.”
“I’m Grace.” She said in return.

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>>Part 2<<

Dani shrugged at the girls question. “I don’t know, I guess I’m here to just… try my best and see how I do.” She said, nodding as she said it. Wow, she’s very forward… She thought to herself. She could be good to team with. Mainly because I don’t really want her as an enemy. She hoped that Lola won’t become an enemy.
Lola lowered her eyebrows, not really convinced by her answer. “Surely you have some sort of, I don’t know, plan?” She said, “You know, like, for after this?” Lola looked at the girl. Hmm she isn’t the most attractive person, but she could do herself some favours by dressing a little better and doing her makeup better… She thought. Then the thought crossed her mind that Dani will probably be stronger in elements not about fashion and clothes. Stronger than her.
Dani was about to answer her question, but the conversation was interrupted by the announcement.

Becca smiled, thinking of her brother, missing him a bit. “He is. Really nice. We do everything together, he’s like my best friend. I mean, I do have other friends though, I’m not like a loner or anything. Not that being a loner is weird, I understand people wanting to be alone sometimes, or all the time.” She stopped herself, she was rambling on for too long. She laughed, nervously. “Sorry, I went completely off-track… What were we talking about?” I hope she doesn’t think I’m weird… Does she think I’m weird?
Wow this girl likes to say a lot. Kaylee thought to herself, raising her eyebrows. She shook her head, as if to say ‘it’s fine’. “So, what’s he like, your brother? Stereotypical overprotective brother? I don’t have a brother, but i’ve watched a lot of movies with brothers in them.” She asked, not really understanding why her brother would sign her up for this. “But life’s not a movie, I guess. So maybe your brother is different?”

Eira felt a bit awkward in this conversation. She started to look around, and then her eyes stopped on the bracelets Mia was wearing. “Nice bracelets…” She said. She’s trying waaayy too hard to be pretty. Maybe if she took off all those lame accessories she might look half-decent.
“Oh!” Mia said, her hand immediately covering the bracelets, feeling a little embarrassed by them. “Thanks…” She said, wondering if that was a sincere compliment. Probably not. This girl is quite closed off… I can’t really make a good conversation with her. She seems to only care about what’s cool and not, or appearances. She thought, but when she looked around and saw everyone paired off, talking to other people she knew she kind of had to stay with her. Well… She could be worse. Don’t really have a choice anyway.
Both girls were glad to have a distraction when there was an announcement.

She’s pretty cool, Lyra thought to herself. Then she shook her head, to get that thought out. “So… why are-” she pointed at Grace, up and down, as if she was scanning her, “-you… here?” She said, acting confident and intimidating.
Grace raised her eyebrows, feeling a bit small compared to her. Why am I here? She started to ask herself. “I don’t know, thought I’d be spontaneous?” She said. Who says ‘spontaneous’? Your so awkward. “Do you want to maybe be friends?”
Lyra was surprised when she asked to be friends. I can’t just say yes, it will ruin my reputation! “I don’t know, maybe.” She said. “I’ll think about it.” She felt bad about saying that, so she avoided eye contact, pretending to check her nails.
That was basically a no… Grace said. Maybe coming here was a bad idea, I should go home. But her thoughts were interrupted by the announcement.

“Why?” Hallie immediately asked, in response to her question about forming an alliance. She know she may have come across as rude, but she didn’t want to start trusting a random person, enough to form an alliance. But she probably would form an alliance with her anyway, but won’t completely trust her.
Harper shrugged, “I think maybe we could make a good team.” She smiled, covering up her suspicion towards her.
Hallie tilted her head to the side, I mean it won’t really do much harm forming a small alliance. I guess it will be okay. “Fine, consider me your ally.” This girl is quite mysterious, she probably has a lot of secrets. It will be fun to try and work her out.
They both turned their head simultaneously at the announcement.

Alissa here! Coming to you with the announcement. The first challenge is coming soon (probably in the next 48 hours) , this competition will earn you immunity for the first eviction nominees. So, get prepared!

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Open meee

Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity ;(
There isn’t any questions required for this*, this is just to basically tell everyone that this hasn’t died and i’m still trying to make this carry on!

*Although, if you have a minute, i need a few ideas for a competition ( i have some already, but it would be great if there were some suggestions ), so if you have any, please give them in here, all responses will be greatly appreciated, but if you don’t have any ideas, that’s fine.


"The first competition starts right now, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s see what it is!

All the girls are taken into separate rooms filled with all sorts of materials and tools.

"The girls have 2 hours to create the perfect prom dress. Then you guys at home get to vote for your favourite one! The one with the most votes is granted immunity!"

"Tools at the ready, girls. Let the first challenge commence,

In 5, 4, 3, 2… 1!!!"

open mee

Okay guys all you have to do is find an image of a prom dress online, and submit it here, and i’ll put them all on a slide, so you can all vote for your favourite. I’ll try and wait for everyone to submit, but if it takes too long, i’ll just have to disqualify them from this challenge.

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Okay! The votes are open for everyone! Meaning anyone, even someone not on the SG, can vote for their favourite dress. One user didn’t submit on time, so now there was one eliminated.

HERE is the slideshow of the dresses
HERE is the voting place

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The votes are in! The winner of this challenge, and the houseguest to receive immunity is…

Eira White!

Congratulations to the winner! The rest of you have to vote between yourselves who you want to see leave.


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>>Part 3<<

When the announcement of the winner was called, Mia looked at Eira, who she was already talking to, and congratulated her. But she was also worried because that meant she was in danger of leaving.

A smile almost crossed Eira’s face, but then she realised she must keep her cool. But inside she was very happy about this. She was very glad to have immunity, but she didn’t show that. She instead said “Thanks,” calmly to Mia.

Becca sighed, of course her dress wasn’t good enough. And now she was probably going to leave because people will definitely not want her here. And her brother will be disappointed in her.

Kaylee was a bit upset she didn’t win. Her dress didn’t impress people enough to win? She also really didn’t want to go back home - she didn’t want to go back to what she was escaping, and she started to feel sick with worry.

Hallie wasn’t that bothered when she didn’t win. Instead, she looked around at who she thought could be the biggest threat, so she can vote them off. She also looked at *Harper and hoped she wouldn’t be voted off, though.

Harper was worried, she didn’t know if she could count on Hallie not to vote for her. But she also had no idea who to vote off, since she hadn’t spoken to most people. And she couldn’t go now - she was determined to win.

Lyra ran her tongue through her teeth, annoyed her dress wasn’t chosen, since she worked very hard on it. I have to stay in, if I don’t I will be forever bullied by everyone at school, for being the first one out.

No emotion was shown on Grace’s face when the winner was announced. She was nervous because she knew she didn’t stand out from everyone, and people may vote her out because she was quite boring.

Lola was very angry when she didn’t win how is that even possible? she thought, my dress was so much better than everyone else’s! But her thoughts were covered with a sweet smile, and started trying to pick someone who looked strong to vote off.

We have to pick someone out ourselves? Dani thought, quite scared. She didn’t like the thought of the other girls possibly voting her off, and she also couldn’t choose between the other girls, since she hadn’t spoken to everyone yet.

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”Alissa Amedeo here! The results are in with who is the first unfortunate girl to pack her bags and go home! The person with the most amount of votes from the girls, and will go home after this is…

Lola Blackwood.

”Sorry, not sorry, it’s just how the game works. So, now with 9 contestants left - who will be the Last Girl Standing?”

How does your character react to this? Tell me here

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>>Part 4<<

Lyra raises her eyebrows as she watches Lola leave the house. Wow this is really serious. She thought. She realised how easily that could have been her, and knew she needed to step up her game. She needed to start talking to more people because she knew she did not want to go home.

No emotion was shown on Eira’s face, she didn’t want to come across as mean - but she was definitely glad Lola was out over her. She was quite happy about it, but kept it a secret, covered with a blank face. I’m doing pretty well in this competition, apparently she thought.

Becca sighed with relief when she found out Lola was out. She had been tensing for the past 5 minutes, worrying that she might go home. She was also kind of glad it was Lola, as she didn’t seem that nice - but she still feels bad, she would feel bad for anyone leaving.

That’s okay with me. Hallie thought as Lola was announced to go home. She didn’t really care that Lola was out specifically, she was just glad it wasn’t herself. One less person in the competition. She thought. She looked around at the girls left, and thought about who would probably be out next.

Dani felt bad for Lola as she walked out of the house. She was surprised at someone could go out that easily. One minute Lola was here, talking to her, and now she’s gone. She felt glad it wasn’t her who was out, but then that feeling was replaced with guilt. It’s not really fair she was out… She told herself.

Grace gasped as Lola’s name was called. She can’t be out already, can she? She thought. She watched, surprised, as Lola actually left the house, and that was it. Well, at least it wasn’t me. I’m still here. She thought, shrugging and trying to forget about it.

“And then there were 9,” Harper said, laughing slightly. She didn’t feel any guilt towards Lola going out - how could she? It was a competition, and she never spoke to her. If she were to get upset over every person who was out, it would be a long competition for her.

Mia was actually quite glad that it was Lola out, over everyone else. Mia thought she seemed a bit mean, and she would make the competition hard for her. But who’s going to be out next? She thought. Everyone else seemed pretty nice - so the next eviction will be hard.

Glad it wasn’t her who was out, Kaylee didn’t really get upset over Lola leaving. She did vote for her to go home, after all, what did she expect? She did obviously feel a bit bad, but she had to tell herself that it had to be someone to go home, at least it wasn’t herself.

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"Alissa again - obviously. Okay girls, it’s time to settle into your rooms! There are 3 rooms, with 3 people in each. Room mates will change around as people start to go home. Look on the table in front of you to see who is in which room."

The sheet of paper on the table had the list of all the girls divided into three groups. Click here to see the groups.

you don’t need to answer any questions for this - i’m writing another post later

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>>Part 5<<
Becca felt pretty terrified to share a room with people. When she saw the other names in her room, Hallie and Lyra, she got nervous. They both seemed like tough, self-assured people, both of which she is not. Her nerves were calmed slightly though when Lyra gave her a smile from a distance, and started walking over to her. “Hey there,” Lyra said. “Your Becca? Seems we’re sharing a room. Well us and…” she started scanning the room for the third person. Becca spotted the third girl, Hallie, and both of them walked over to her. “Hey - you must be Hallie! I’m Becca.” Becca said. Lyra introduced herself as well, but Hallie acted quite closed-off, giving them only a small smile and a wave, just to be nice. Becca started worrying is it because she doesn’t like me? she thought. Lyra raised her eyebrows slightly, and sighed. It’s going to be hard to share a room with her. She thought.

“Kaylee and Eira.” Dani said to herself, reading the list. They both seemed to hear her say it, because they both looked over at her, and then came over. “Hi, I’m Kaylee.” Kaylee smiled. Kaylee looked at Dani, wondering what her story was, why she was here. “Cool, so we’re sharing a room. This will be fun.” Dani smiled back at her, relieved she was sharing a room with someone nice. “I’m Dani. What’s your name?” She said, turning to Eira. Eira didn’t really show any expression and her arms were folded. “I’m Eira.” She said. She didn’t want to get too excited over this, because she wanted to seem cool. Watching them getting excited made her roll her eyes, subtly. Sharing a room with these people is so not cool. She thought. Dani saw this, but ignored it, not wanting to cause any drama, but she worried about what it was going to be like being in a room with her. She looked over at Kaylee, to see if she saw it too. the look she gave her, it was clear to Dani that Kaylee had seen it too. Kaylee looked at Eira, trying to read her.

Grace was scared about sharing a room, since she was quite shy and wasn’t that good with talking to people. Mia saw Grace and walked over to her. Mia was so excited to be on this show, and be in a room with other people. “Hey! I’m Mia, what’s your name?” She smiled. Grace replied, shortly, “I’m Grace.” Then she looked down. “Grace…” Mia repeated, trying to remembering it. “This is so exciting, isn’t it? Where’s the other girl, Harper?” She asked. Harper was stood not far away from them, watching them greet each other. She finally went over and joined them. “You two are one extreme to the other.” She said. “The mute,” she looked at Grace, “And the over-excited.” She looked at Mia. Mia didn’t really take offense, instead she smiled and said, “Actually, my name is Mia, and the… mute… is Grace.” Harper nodded, acknowledging this, but knowing she probably won’t call them by their actual names. “I’m Harper.” She said.

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okay well i guess i could bring this back

Who’s still interested in this? (Be honest because if no, i can give the spot to someone else) Also, anyone who wasn’t originally a character, who would be interested in joining? (Maximum like 5 people)

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Please respond by like the 9th or 10th?

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NOTE: i just realised i made it so that i can’t see who voted which one, so if you voted on this poll can you please PM me which one you chose? everyone else use the poll below!

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Im intrestead qnd would like go join