Last name help!

I need a last name for my character Malus like a unique last name!
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Idk if they are good but…:

  • Adams: A common surname of Scottish, English and Jewish origin that means “son of Adam.”
  • Anderson: Derived from the Anders and itself from Greek name Andreas will mean “man” or “manly.”
  • Andrews: A patronymic of the English given name “Andrew.”
  • Alexander: A surname originally from Scotland.
  • Armstrong: From the Scottish borders origin, from the Middle English nickname that meant someone with strong arms.


  • Burns: It has several nicknames but in some cases it derived from the English “burn” as someone who is lived by a stream.
  • Black: Its origins can be from English, Scottish, French or Irish.
  • Blevins: Derived from the Welsh given name “Bleddyn.”
  • Burke: Is the name giving to the clan of the Anglo-Norman family known as “de Burgh.”
  • Bradley: In old English is a name derived from a place meaning “broad wood.”


  • Carroll: From Irish it is a name Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cearbhaill.
  • Casey: A common variation of the Irish Gaelic that means Vigilant of watchful.
  • Cunningham: A surname of Scottish origin.
  • Cullen: Of Gaelic origin can be derived from the pre 8th Century name O’Cuileannain, with the O indicating a male decedent.


  • Davis: It is the 45th most common surname in England and it means “son of David.”
  • Dunn: A family name that means fort or dark colored.
  • Daley: From the word “dalach” which means “assembly.”
  • Douglas: A common surname of Scottish origin that means “black stream.”


  • Elliot: Its origin is difficult to follow. But the clan Elliot was burnt in a castle at Stobs in 1712 AD.
  • Emery: A common male given name also common to be a surname of the English language.
  • Erickson: A common Scandinavian patronymic that means “son of Erick.”
  • Euphrates: The Assyrian name that means Sweet water.
  • Egan: From Irish origin that means “son of fire.”


  • Franklin: Has its origin in the feudal system. Franc means “free” as liberal and generous.
  • Ferguson: Means “man” and “vigour” is a Scottish surname.
  • Fowler: its linguistic origins are from the Old English.
  • Forbes: From the Scottish clan.
  • Flanagan: A noble and distinguished surname of Irish Origin.


  • Guthrie: It has a lot of independent origins. Derived from a place in Scotland meaning “wind place,” another meaning from other origin can be “son of Uchtre.”
  • Gill: In Hebrew is a male given name or surname that means “joy, gladness.”
  • Goodwin: From the old English personal name that means “God friend.”
  • Gallagher: From the Irish Gaelic clan.


  • Hoffman: Of German origin, one who manages a property of other in the medieval times.
  • Hammond: Means home.
  • Hale: The origin is strictly from Ancient British.
  • Hughes: This is a Patronymic last name of Irish origin.


  • Isa: The Arabic for Jesus.
  • Igarashi: The Japanese of fifty storms.
  • Iglesias: From Spanish origin, it means “churches.”


  • James: Derived from Jacobus.
  • Johnson: Of English origin it will mean “son of John.”
  • Jensen: Of German origin.
  • Jimenez: Iberian origin, derived from Ximenes or Eiximenis.


  • Kilgore: Scottish origin meaning “goat wood.”
  • Kent: An Ancient Celtic name.
  • Keene: From Anglo-Saxon or old English, this name will be told to someone who is brave.
  • Kane: A Celtic Irish that means “war like.”


  • Leblanc: A French surname that means “the white.”
  • Lamperouge: French compounded from two words it is a Character’s surname from Code Gueass. It means “red lamp.”
  • Lionheart: French origin.
  • Lockhart: The American from the German “Luckhardt” it is named after a person who is in care of a sheep.


  • McElroy: “The son of the red haired youth.”
  • Meza: A surname found in Castille, or Castellano.
  • Mahoney: A noble and distinguished surname meaning “bear.” Probably related to the animal itself.
  • Miller: Old English or Scottish surname, for people located in Glasgow.
  • Moss: Can be of either Jewish or English, “Moses.” In the Old Testament, he would liberate the Hebrews from the ancient Egypt.


  • Nichols: Of the Scottish “contents.”
  • Nolan: Of Irish origin from Nuallain.
  • Norris: A Viking / Norman surname will refer to someone who lives in the northern location.
  • Newman: Originally on the pre-medieval ages, this will refer to someone who is new to a specific place.


  • O’Leary: Irish, will mean “keeper of the calves.”
  • Ortiz: From Spanish origin.
  • O’Grady: From the Ireland’s noble family.
  • Oliver: French in Norman origin, from a powerful clan.
  • Owens: A traditional Welsh found in the UK.


  • Pruitt: “Small but brave,” a surname from the Middle English.
  • Phillips: Is from the medieval English. It means “lover of horses.”
  • Pearson: An English last name from the Norman Conquest.
  • Pollard: For a person with a large head, this surname came established since 14th


  • Quinlan: Developed from the Ancient Gaelic surname.
  • Quintana: Of Spanish origin.
  • Quinones: Spanish and Australian last name derived from “five.”
  • Quintus: Found in the culture of Ancient Rome, means “fifth.”


  • Reinheart: A German and American associated with “strong.”
  • Rodgers: “Son of Roger” of English origin.
  • Roche: Of French Origin, from a residential.
  • Ray: A feudal title in India.


  • Sutherland: A tribe of the Ancient Scotland.
  • Schwartz: From the German “black.”
  • Shaw: Americanization of the Jewish “Ashkenazic.”
  • Salazar: Means “old hall” and it is originated from the town of the same name.


  • Townsend: It indicates a resident near the edge.
  • Thompson: English and Scottish “son of Thom.”
  • Turner: A common surname from Normandy.
  • Travers: English and French related to “crossing.”


  • Unsworth: An English surname from some villages in Lancashire or Yorkshire.
  • Underdown: An English name for someone who lives at the foot of a hill.
  • Unwin: From the pre 7th Century of Old English.


  • Vanstone: Of a family called “Faunt,” (French).
  • Veyron: From a super car named after Pierre Veyron.
  • Vaughan: Originally Welsh, meaning “small.”


  • Welch: From English origin.
  • Whitehead: Of English origins for someone with a white hair.
  • Wiley: From the Places of Cheshire, Shropshire and so on.
  • Williamson: “Son of William” from the English language.


  • Xavier: Derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria.
  • Xanders: From the Greek “defender of people.”
  • Xanthos: The name of the city in ancient Lycia.
  • Xian: Chinese surname chosen to replace the “Shan” which cannot be displayed on a normal coding computer.


  • Yale: Derived from the Welsh “dweller at the fertile upland.”


  • Zacharias: From the Hebrew given name.
  • Zack: Refers to the Hebrew given name to commemorate.

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