Last name ideas?

I want to give my characters last names that will suit them.

Here are some character names:

  1. Flora
  2. Violet
  3. Jake
  4. Michael
  5. Daisy
  6. Mateo
  7. Elizabeth

flora wilson
violet torres
daisy smith
elizabeth moores
^ here are some last names <3

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Jake -Jackson, robbinson, watkins
Flora- Martin, Wilson
Mateo- Thomson, evans
Violet - tisdale, Bennett

Flora- Mitchel
Violet- White
Jake- Santiago
Michael- Flores
Daisy- Doyle
Mateo- Lopez
Elizabeth- Stevens

Here are some ideas hope they helped

Flora Peterson
Violet Barnes
Jake Wells
Michael Stye
Daisy Blueson
Mateo Moore
Elizabeth Oliver

Those were just some ideas

I always give characters middle names so:

  1. Flora Elizabeth Anderson
  2. Violet Cooper Rodriguez
  3. Jake Timothy Gonzalez
  4. Micheal J Hernandez
  5. Daisy Mosey Lewis
  6. Mateo Torres Rivera (Spanish name)
  7. Elizabeth Lopez-Garcia (2 Last names)

Here I some that I find cute :blush:

  1. Flora Brown
  2. Violet Johnson
  3. Jake Davis
  4. Michael Black
  5. Daisy Delaney
  6. Mateo Diaz
  7. Elizabeth Wright

Flora Petals

Sorry I have Winx Club on my mind :laughing:

But regardless, I would suggest a unique last name like this :nerd_face: :heart: