Last name suggestions wanted :)

I’m drawing a blank on last names and my character needs a last name, in my story her assistant has a call with a potential client who would like to create a makeup line and Aruna (the assistant) says that Kronika (who needs the last name) is available to help make that dream come true.

Any suggestions on what her last name should be?

Ps let me know if this topic is in the wrong section :llama:

Kronika Vargas?

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Hi, @Ryder14
Here are some suggestions

Last name suggestions
  1. Cambridge
  2. Fisher
  3. Ford
  4. Moore
  5. Perez

You can use them for other characters if you don’t find any of them fitting to your main character.

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Thank you @Goji and @Vaidehi1 , you guys really helped me out. It means a lot :blob_hearts:

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Glad I could help. :hugs:

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Glad I could help too.

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