Last names for my characters

I’m having trouble coming up with last names for my characters. Here are the ones I need last names for…
Landon and Lucca (they are twins)
Lindsay and Liam (they are also twins)
I know that’s a lot of names but if someone could come up with last names for these guys that would be great. I would like them to be like fierce, bad kinda dangerous sounding names. A few of them are Italian too if that helps at all. Thanks!

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Nova Martinez? that’s all I got rn sorry :sob:

Oh that’s good thanks!

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Axel Hayes
Kaia Martin
Nova Reynolds
Landon and Luca Rudder
Holly Ambec
I’ll tell you more later

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Surname Generator

I use this if I struggle coming up for last names :slight_smile:

(You don’t need to fill out any fields really unless you want a specific name - I always recommend choosing 100 names to generate though to give you some good options :relaxed: )

Okay thanks!

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axel storm?

nova reyes

ember hill