Last Person to Post is the Winner

This game was originally made by GiGi is Me on the old forums!

As the title says, whoever posts last is the winner of this game.

Looks like I win! :smiley:

Also, please don’t post twice in a row!


No way can you win! :sunglasses:

Sorry guys, but I take the crown! :crown:

Ha! Think again! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I win? Awesome!

No. What about me! :joy:

Uh I don’t think so. :crown:

I am the queen now. :princess:t2:

Possibly me?

The conversation ends here now. This game is endless.

I’m Empress, yo. :joy::joy:

Oops sorry, I didn’t know I clicked the reply button on your comment. :expressionless:

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It’s okay, I’m the winner here anyway

No, you are wrong.

'Cause I am, bruuh.

I will be the supreme ruler! :robot:

No way, I’m the one :crown:

Hahahahahaha snatches the crown from @LunaLovegood Ze crown is mine!

Whatcha on about? Thanks for that crown!

Wow, that crown is a perfect fit! What? AND a trophy? @stephp99, you shouldn’t have.

Iam still alive…:joy:

The crown is mine