LAST POLL! Is there someone who can help me?


So I’m trying to cut out imessage chats and put them in an overlay.
Can someone help me cut these out, in a clean way?
I’ll PM you if decide to you help me!


I haven’t done text messages, but I’ve done a google search.
I’m pretty sure I could do the same for a text message though.


This is amazing! And I just want the text messages bubbles to be cut out


An end result like this?
I’ve actually done it before but it was ages ago, I could send you it.


Oh wait can you do that thing for me too?? Its a simple word


I love this :slightly_smiling_face:


And can you do the word type thing for me too??


Yeah of course, just send me some pictures of your character and a description for the google search!


Well its an imessage template if that’s okay??


This how it looked on my episode, but would you want a typing bar to make it look like your character is typing the text in, then submitting it?


Okay then I already made a fake imessage template so Do I need to send you the photo for you to cut the bubbles out??


Yeah, send me the template and I can do the rest for you :slight_smile: