Last thing you did game!

A few days ago :face_with_monocle:
Last time you talked to someone you normally don’t talk to?

Today! I started going in school and i’m new so I talked to ppl I don’t normally talk to :sweat_smile:
Last time you danced

yesterday, but as a joke.
Last time you had a good laugh?

Couple months ago
Last time you smiled

When you asked:
Last time you saw your crush/love one? :joy:
Last time you thought poorly of yourself :(?

Couple hours ago I’m negative abt myself a lot!
Last time you got your heart broken or cried

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Same girl, same.

Last month when I read the rumor about Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde :lying_face: :joy:
Last time you fell off your bed during sleeping? :grimacing:

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When my sister pushed me off my bed :unamused:
Last time you listened to your favorite music

Last week :relaxed:
Last time you said or thought the word “simp” :woman_shrugging:

EW! omg! ;wsdmfklsdl Couple days ago…EXPOSED :disappointed_relieved:
Here’s the thing. People at my school, mostly the boys, simp for girls, well duh!, but like it’s NO! but like IDK!
Last time you hugged someone

totally get it, weirdos.
I hugged my dog a few hours ago…or I hugged my sister a few days ago too
Last time you read an episode story?

last night
Last time you went somewhere?


Last time you just sat there and did nothing?


Last time you were forced to eat something you didn’t want to??

today morning

Last time you studied?

Yesterday evening
last time you ate

few hours ago

last time you irritated someone?

Last night

Last time you changed multiple times during the day?

Oh god :joy: urmmm about 3 week ago (my life is work and home so usually live in my uniform and pjs)

The last time you said sorry

Umm yesterday? :sweat_smile:

Last time you ate ice cream?

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