Last thing you did game!

This Tuesday

Last time you vomited??


Over 12 years ago :joy: (really thankful for that lol)

Last time you felt sick?

as in diarrhea?? weelll umm yesterday. I started eating beef (burgers to be exact) and my body isnt used to it. I’m having problems breathing right now.

Last saturday when we went on a really long trip in the car.
lastt time yoou wrote an episode story

Right now!

Last time you had a takeaway?

yesterday night
Last time you ate junk food


Last time you cried?

Probably February some time :joy:

Last time you had takeout

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About a few days ago :burrito:

Last time you ate ice cream?

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Yesterday :sweat_smile::joy:
The last time you embarrassed yourself :eyes:

sorry if it’s personal :sneezing_face: just curious


Like a month ago
Last time you went on a date

Don’t need to answer if it’s personal

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If meeting my crush behind the school counts then on 5th April :rofl:lmao
Last time you puked on someone?

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In January
Last time you cooked

Last month

Last time you shouted at someone?

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Last time you went to salon

Last month again

Last time you were scared

I don’t remember …okk like a year ago when covid was announced
Last time you went to hospital?

Does corona center count then on February 6th no I didn’t have covid

Last time you did something you love?

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Last week

Last time you went to movie theatre?

More than a year ago ):

Last time you swam in the pool?