Last thing you did game!

More than a year ago
Last time you went to party?

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In September

Last time you hung out with a friend?

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2weeks ago
Last time you did something fun?

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maybe like a month ago :skull:

Last time you fell?

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Like a week ago

Last time you scraped your knee?

Omds that was probably sooooo longgg ago. Like ‘back in primary school’ kinda long ago.
Probs about 7-8 years ago

When was the last time you lied?

Day before yesterday, I think

LAst time you cried

Today… (My teacher was being annoying and it caused me to have a breakdown since she refused to help me :woman_facepalming: )

Last time you visited the hospital

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About four years ago, I can’t remember

Last time you ate

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2 hours ago

Last time you pooped?