Alright, so as you may already know I asked for help with plots because I have been struggling for a while and this community has helped me soo freakin much I love you guys for it. :two_hearts:

My plot : is about enemies to lovers and the genres of thriller, drama, action, comedy, mystery, and of course, romance I wanted it to be like they are trying to kill one another but it’s too cliche I feel like it’s similar to this one story (I Despise You) so I want my story to be super different from being cliche

But I feel like it has to be more direct like what more could I imply in this story than just being enemies to lovers and trying to kill one another

So please if anyone could help with forming a plot it would be so helpful :clap:t5:

Little note: Sorry for being so annoying on here lol, guys I just want to make an interesting story :joy: :joy:
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You could try looking at the various plot help threads or the new Episode Academy that’s starting soon on Monday. Although the writing one is on Friday, I believe, there’ll still be some very useful classes.


Maybe the story could be about the two people hating each other of course but it runs deeper then that like it’s been their bloodline they’re families grew up hating each other. The two mains start to like each other when they are both forced to work together to idkkkkk uhhh find out who killed their parents??? Idk lmao hope I helped.

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(She’s good at helping plots)


Sherry I don’t deserve you omg-

Also I will gladly help


that would be great is there a site for the episode academy?

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No that was actually pretty good lol

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Thank you I for sure will get in contact with her

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You have to go through Google Classroom. Here’s a link to the thread.

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