Latest Android Update

i used to not have to pay any gems for bonus/gem options in community stories. but after the update I suddenly have to pay gems for it and I emailed episode but they’re not helping with that lolol
it’s kinda odd and unfair tbh I’ve been playing for years and I nvr once had to pay gems for community stories but after the update I actually have to.

anyone facing this ever since the update as well?
I’m helpless now bc it’s rly kinda unfair I have to start paying gems and they didn’t rly inform it or anything like that.

there’s a screenshot from one of the stories I’ve been playing, it used to be free to get extra points but now it costs 15 gems i-

It’s not a problem. The author choose to make gen choice. Seeing gem choices in community stories it’s a feature that only a small % of the readers have, but it’s not a “problem” of the app

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I understand but it makes no sense that after YEARS of playing, they suddenly start charging me, without any notice and I only start having it after the update


What to do

It could have happened at any moment since this announcement