Latest Editor's Picks - Give Them a Read!

Hi Guys, I’m the author of Living a Dream - One of the stories currently on the September shelf. First I’d like to say thank you to each and everyone who has supported it! I am so grateful to have my story up there with those excellent authors! :heart_eyes:

I’ve read their stories and they are mind-blowingly good guys! :star_struck: You really have to do yourself a favor and give them a try! They are top shelf quality!:wink:

As for my story - Living a Dream
This is my very 1st story on Episode.
It consists of all genres. The fantasy factor is mixed with comedy, drama and lots of romance.:heart: Your choices have actual consequences and you choose the way your character feels about other characters in the story. There is customization (including all the latest content, beards, hairstyles etc.) in almost every chapter along with new, fun outfit options for every occasion.

Story Description:
Is love the most powerful thing in the world, or is it your greatest weakness? Transformed into a Magical Being of Beauty & Power, you find yourself living the life you’ve always dreamed of, or so you think. What does your Destiny have in store for you?

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Please check it out :blush: and my story link is in there too