Latest news on Facebook: more bad boy stories coming (groans)


Has anyone seen the latest post? At least they finally acknowledge that there are bad boys in many stories, but now they’re going to be releasing more? Seriously, this needs to stop.
I enjoyed bad boy stories at first, but now, frankly, I’m sick to death of them. Bad boy bachelor, Bad boys girl, It starts with a bra, Troublemaker, Chain reaction, The player, Campus crush, Living with my crush, Crush on mr bad boy, Loving bad, Love and war, My brothers best friend, etc (probably a lot more I haven’t found yet.)
It’s enough already. It’s coming to the point where every story is about a bad boy the MC wants. And the themes are similar. Bad boy treats MC like dirt. MC annoyed, but still is attracted to him. Eventually bad boy is shown to have a heart of gold and changes for girl.
I’ve had enough, seriously. Why they are promoting stories like this all the time? That girls only want someone who’s either a lawbreaker, treats people like dirt or who has no respect for women?
When I read the stories I personally feel like punching the bad boy in the mouth. I’m tired of this, “I’m so bad, I’m so tough, all the girls want me, you know you do too” and of course the girl can’t resist him.
I’m not saying we can’t have these stories, but why are we being saturated with them? I can’t remember the last time I saw a story featured which had a kind, caring boy who treats his girl right. Shouldn’t this be encouraged more that boys who treat women with contempt?
Another thing that bothers me is these bad boys seem to be quick to violence. They have a fight with anyone who they argue with, really?! Violence is the solution?!
It’s not realistic as most bad boys DON’T have a heart of gold. Most are abusive mentally and sometimes physically. I’m sure the writers of these stories would hate to see their daughters hook up with this time of person.
I’d like to see a story where a girl has a crush on a bad boy who treats her bad and she DOESN’T end up with him and falls for a kind boy who treats her right.
Is this the message we’re sending to young girls out there? Treating you bad is cool and sexy. A guy who’s nice and sweet is a nerd.


I know, why can’t there be a guy who is genuine? Who doesn’t treat the girl like shit? Who doesn’t sleep around with every girl and then slut shames them?


Yeah when a girl sleeps around she’s a slut, but if I guy does, he’s a stud.


Literally all the boys are like go on son, and then with girls they get slut shamed even by other girls.


But the guy gets pats on the back and thumbs up.


This is not so much about how much I hate bad boy stories, but why are we being flooded by them? How anbout something new for a change


Also what message are we sending to young male readers. We may have shy, nice sweet guys reading these stories, who treat women right, but can’t seem to find a girl. They might read this and think this what girls want and the only way to get a girl.


I think episode needs to either broaden their horizons or hire new writers.


They realized bad boy stories get a lot of reads, so they decided to make a lot of them.


Yes, but there is too much already. People will get tired of it


Okay. The Chain Reaction and It’s Just an Illusion series aren’t like stories such as The Player or It Starts With A Bra. (God I hate that story.) In each Chain Reaction and It’s Just an Illusion installment, yes there is a “bad boy”, but throughout the story you see that he has a soft side and all the men in those series don’t abuse the women they’re with.


Ahh bad boys with there smoking leather jacket and being womanisers. It not just episode blame tv and movies as well this genre been going on since the 50s same formula.
Good girl meets bad boy bad boy turns out to have heart of gold and changes for good girl.

Chain reaction is shocking heart of gold shit there in the mafia and all are womanisers at the start until the right woman (good girl shocker) comes into their life and makes them open up their heart aww but they still murder people but that doesn’t count as he a bad boy with a heart of gold.

It’s really boring the same thing over and over again do something new for once.


No, they’re part of the mafia who kill women


Yet they all tell a woman how they should dress ect that’s not attractive at all it controlling and the start of abuse.


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I actually found that ad pretty funny. It’s like making fun of their own app, in a sarcastic way.


More bad boy stories?

GIMERE is eyeroll_subtle


@FallenAngelNight13 @AJ_PELZER
This ad was on their Facebook account? Is it still there?

Update: just saw it. : p
We should get two separate Episode apps. Episode, and Episode X. The latter consisting of all the dead horses and inappropriate content.


They should just rename the app to Episode: Choose Your BADBOY! :triumph::sweat:


That’s exactly what I’m tired of. Bad boys with a heart of gold. Enough already