Latest news on Facebook: more bad boy stories coming (groans)


More bad boy stories?

GIMERE is eyeroll_subtle


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This ad was on their Facebook account? Is it still there?

Update: just saw it. : p
We should get two separate Episode apps. Episode, and Episode X. The latter consisting of all the dead horses and inappropriate content.


They should just rename the app to Episode: Choose Your BADBOY! :triumph::sweat:


That’s exactly what I’m tired of. Bad boys with a heart of gold. Enough already


Can’t they think of something different? How about a thriller or a interesting romance?


I don’t know if you all saw the new post, but it’s similar. Again, I think they are just poking fun at their own stories.


You know, looking at the older Episode stories like Rock N’ Roll Revolution or Hunted, I feel really sad with where Episode has come. In 2015 or whatever year I’m thinking about (I’m having a hard time concentrating- forgive me), I would have 1000/10 recommended that app to fellow people in my life. But, with what it has become, Episode is something I hide.

This is a theory, but when Episode was releasing stories such as Hunted, Rock N’ Roll Revolution, Human, etc. I believe they were experimenting perhaps? What works best with readers? And it seemed like the Romance/Drama categories got them the results they wanted. I think that could be the reason the only featured, new, stories we see released by Episode are in those categories. We will never see a diversity of genres again. It’s what works best for them. And lets be honest, middle and high schoolers are into this kind of stuff for whatever reason. I was viewed as the weird one for reading stories outside what was popular- but that’s for another time. (*cough, ranting thread). If you want some good stories, use Instagram and the forums.

But, I do think that there should be an organized movement to hold Episode accountable. I would love to start something like that, but I know that I’m not capable of leading something like that. But, if someone were to do that, I’d like to support it and be a help in that movement.


It’s gotten to the point where it’s become a running joke in the Choices fandom. A new book was released on that app with a cliché reality TV plot and everyone was instantly saying “that looks like the kind of trashy story you’d find on Episode” (and I agree). Episode’s reputation just keeps going down the drain. But at least everyone knows them and they’re swimming in that sweet, sweet money. And that’s all that really counts, right? :wink: :roll_eyes:


This pic has me rolling! :rofl::rofl::smile::joy:


Saammeee, I can’t wait for more lmao


All my friends at school think episode’s a bad game full of sex because of the ads. And to be honest? I don’t blame them. I’m sick and tired of episode’s “featured” list. I mean, I can understand if it’s user stories. In fact, I don’t mind the cliches and stuff. Everyone has guilty pleasures. It’s just what really pisses me of is that the stupid stories that have millions of reads and every choice is a crappy gem choice full of bad boys and that shit made by EPISODE themselves!! i mean even the cliche user stories are better!
I just wish I could go back in time when there where good stories, episode stories like Campus Crush and Real Hollywood and games like that.