Latest news on Facebook: more bad boy stories coming (groans)


Can’t they think of something different? How about a thriller or a interesting romance?


I don’t know if you all saw the new post, but it’s similar. Again, I think they are just poking fun at their own stories.


You know, looking at the older Episode stories like Rock N’ Roll Revolution or Hunted, I feel really sad with where Episode has come. In 2015 or whatever year I’m thinking about (I’m having a hard time concentrating- forgive me), I would have 1000/10 recommended that app to fellow people in my life. But, with what it has become, Episode is something I hide.

This is a theory, but when Episode was releasing stories such as Hunted, Rock N’ Roll Revolution, Human, etc. I believe they were experimenting perhaps? What works best with readers? And it seemed like the Romance/Drama categories got them the results they wanted. I think that could be the reason the only featured, new, stories we see released by Episode are in those categories. We will never see a diversity of genres again. It’s what works best for them. And lets be honest, middle and high schoolers are into this kind of stuff for whatever reason. I was viewed as the weird one for reading stories outside what was popular- but that’s for another time. (*cough, ranting thread). If you want some good stories, use Instagram and the forums.

But, I do think that there should be an organized movement to hold Episode accountable. I would love to start something like that, but I know that I’m not capable of leading something like that. But, if someone were to do that, I’d like to support it and be a help in that movement.


It’s gotten to the point where it’s become a running joke in the Choices fandom. A new book was released on that app with a cliché reality TV plot and everyone was instantly saying “that looks like the kind of trashy story you’d find on Episode” (and I agree). Episode’s reputation just keeps going down the drain. But at least everyone knows them and they’re swimming in that sweet, sweet money. And that’s all that really counts, right? :wink: :roll_eyes:


This pic has me rolling! :rofl::rofl::smile::joy:


Saammeee, I can’t wait for more lmao


I’m struggling to find one that has a nice guy and is in no way an asshole (bad boy.) I think the last one was Micah from Mean Girls.


Like a good girl would ever change a bad boys is such a positive change when it’s not.
Seeing the people whom are a fan of those stories sees them as relationship goals is just sickening or makes me want to slap people back to reality.

Random person: aww that’s so sweet on how he manages to notice her like that. Its so cute on how he pushes her against the wall and tells her that she belongs with him and they kiss. #relationshipgoals #fangirling

Me: *facepalm

When in reality
Random person: this is really abusive, he should not be doing that to her. Why do people ship these toxic pairings in the story. He shouldnt be calling her a btch or slt. What an asshole. Oh my gosh this guy is a dckhead I really want to beat the sht out of him.

Another thing that I dislike with these type of stories is where the best friend supports the mc to be in a relationship with the bad boy instead of telling her that he’s trouble and acknowledge her about it.

In the stories
Bestie: OMG you should totally hook up with him, he is so hot.

When it should have been
Bestie: I would suggest that you don’t associate with him, he’s trouble. Dont try anything to pursue a guy like him, his father is a gang leader or CEO of something and he has a bad reputation.

By the way, shouldn’t the stereotypical mc nerd be the smart one and not associate themselves with a popular guy and crowd. I mean she could of at least have her own life and choose on her studies instead of pursuing of all people a bad boy.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why they do this? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Um can they not spread a positive message that one deserves a good significant other rather than a trashy jerk? HMMMMMmmmmm but sex sells apparently so um yeah I will be here drinking my tea and will keep on writing kind hearted males as protagonists.


Good gosh you could not have said it any better. Bad boys irl are a joke. @ any bad boys, you are a mess - okay?

Whenever my friend has been in a relationship where she is unhappy, I tell her to break things off. I mean it will be hard at first but it will hurt so much less being stuck with a jerk.


Couldn’t agree more. I tend to question authors perspective of romance to be intoxicating.


I feel like even those these bad boys may be attractive to some there is the problem of a young and impressionable audience. A kid may say “hey a little game won’t affect me” but it could unconsciously - there is the danger of a child/young teen thinking that these guys being mean to another person is their way of showing affection (let’s get rid of that Freudian crap shall we?)


Also, separating reality and fiction - scarily, even some men (luckily not all) get ideas from adult movies and think women may receive well from them. Trust me, only thing that guy is getting is a criminal record and arrested. So some grown men cannot even differentiate between the two so how on Earth are we to expect some young readers to be able to tell the difference…

I know there are some really level headed kids out there but the not so level headed ones are the ones which are a bit of a cause for concern.


Well what are we waiting for, let’s get rid of these not so romantic stories on the road. I’m sick and tired of these so called bad boys to be an inspiration for a younger audience especially for the female demographic.


It’s frustrating as we know this is a problem but these stories accumulate profit for the company! -_____-


I have seen some stories which have really kindhearted male protagonists like The Blank Page (the main guy is so good to his mother!) and Hello, Stranger as well as The Pact - there are some lovely gems out there!


I know right, theres a misconception of guys being bad boys and I think that using that kind of stereotype for all romance stories is a false representation to pursuing to a good woman in a romantic relationship. So is the author’s moral message of the story is to date a guy that will treat you wrong and that it will help to improve a relationship. Hell to the no and through infinity and beyond!!!

And another thing is that the bad boy is already in a relationship with a girl and that he uses the mc as a sidechick to get back at his current girlfriend for cheating on him. Next minute he falls for the mc after the times that they have spent together. Lol is that even considered romance or is that a way to show his affections to her?? Lol no thats considered cheating and not being responsible in the relationship.

All these so called romantic stories are a sickness to which contains a disease called bullshit.


The good thing about the story the blank page is in a male mc’s perspective. And the sad thing is that some stories that contain these kind of male characters do not get enough recognition.


Exactly!!! :sob::sob::sob: Come on Episode fix yoselves!


Yes yes yes and yes. Most of us irl have a zero bullshit policy about this idea of romance.