Latino/Latina Characters Appreciation Thread! 🥀

This idea is stimulated by @Zelda04 ! :dancer:t4:

Asian Characters Appreciation Thread !

Latino/Latina Definition.

a person of Latin American origin or descent.

If your character is Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, or South or Central American then they fall into the Latino/Latina category regardless of their race.

With that said, the purpose of this thread is for you to share your Latino/Latina Characters! :heart: (picture form)


Okay, so firstly there is Ruben, one of the main character’s boyfriends in Lucid Wires (hasn’t appeared yet)

Then I have a story still in the works of a Cuban-Chinese-American kid (you can choose their gender) as well as their Cuban mom and a mestizo LI for the MC

Any Pictures? :blob_sun:

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Okay so this is a character I just introduced in my story, Juan David. He’s Puerto Rican
AND Mollisa and Miguel Martinez, they are half Afro-latino Dominican and half Bajan



The whole cast from Diary of a Middle School Teacher is Mexican… here are some of the main characters:

Mia Martínez
24 years old. She was born and raised in the U.S., but both of her parents are from Puebla, Mexico. She moves to her uncle’s hacienda in Puebla. She loves coffee, cats, food, and teaching English. She hates alcohol, swear words, germs, and people who don’t wear deodorant.

Mariano Valtierra
24 years old. Son of Maximiliano Valtierra, wealthy landowner of humble origins, and Lorena Méndez, prominent judge. Mariano values honesty above all things. He loves cars, soccer, music, city life, and designer clothing. He hates liars, the country, and pretentious people.

Sofía Martínez
52 years old. Editor-in-chief at a publishing house, recently widowed and not looking for a relationship. Sofía loves going to church, spending time with her daughters, and chatting. She hates cold weather, goat cheese, fast food restaurant chains, history, and social media.

Armando Martínez
55 years old. Mia’s uncle. Armando is the heir of the hacienda ‘Agua Salada’, and although he isn’t as bad person, his serious demeanor can be very intimidating to some. Armando loves horses, his hacienda, fine wine, reading, and smoking. He hates silly jokes, two-faced people, and bright colors.

Maximiliano Valtierra
54 years old. Mariano’s dad. Max is from a poor family, but he worked hard to make his fortune, and he’s very proud of it. Max loves horses, the countryside, a good meal, and big celebrations. He hates peaches (because he’s allergic to them), modern music, hotel-style food, and people who are addicted to their cell phones.

I’ll add more characters later.


@TheSunflowerQueen I’ve read your story. :hugs:

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Sure, IDK why I didn’t show them yet

Ruben, Lucid Wires

Zavier/Zavia Ortega (wasn't sure they counted since you can change their last name and CC) Lucid Wires

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Gisela Thompson ( Née García Aguilar), WIP

Bishop Banderas, WIP

Jordan/Joyce Thompson, WIP


Bump. :heart:

Here are my Latinx characters!
(Most of them are Mexican)

Surviving High School

Laina: Mexican

Brune: Mexican

Lunch Lady: (Peruvian)

Sophia: Mexican/Hispanic

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The character below is from my story Destino De Venus and she is from El Salvador …

Talia Ramos

I too am also Salvadoran and Mexican!
:el_salvador: :mexico:

Here are a couple of characters from my story My Moon, My Stars, My Everything! The first one is Blair and the other is her sister Aya :blush: They are Cuban!

Blair!!! Aya!!!