Laugh break needed


Hey all!
I’ve been busy writing the next episode of my story but I’m becoming mentally and emotionally drained.
I need a laugh break!

Drop your favorite funny memes or gifs



Here’s something that makes all my real life friends react differently. :nerd_face:


Here is a funny one :grin::grin:



I suggest the Meme Thread and the Gif Thread




My personal favorites:

None of these are cropped btw, so you’re gonna have to zoom in a little


lmao I think I just died a little bit xDD


Okay… being that probably 98% of my memes are edgy and political, here are the ones that aren’t. I don’t know if they’re funny. But hey, memes.

This is just a wild headline.

I know this feel all too well.



This is pretty much all I can share. Otherwise, well… yeah, others are too edgy or political. They might not be the best memes… but that’s all I got :confused: