Laura's Edited Art Shop {open}

Hey everyone welcome to laura’s art shop.
If you want an Cover or Splash i’m your girl.
Just fill out the info below and post in the comments to request thanks!

Cover art form

Character details, ie. outfit and what they look like
Any little other details…


What you want on it ie. “this contains mature themes.”
Character details
Other info you wanna put in.

Also examples are below

My work

Can I get a cover?

Sure. What do you want

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I am not sure if you would be able to do it but a large cover of a girl looking side ways with a scar on her neck the background being a medical room

Hey so if you still need that cover I can do it!

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That would be great!

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Okay I have a few covers lined up but I can do it just send me the details though pm!