Laurie's Artistic Creations (On Pause)



I won’t have this open for very long as making edits can be overwhelming.

Still… I’ll try my hardest.

Need a character edit? I’m your go-to-gal. I DO NOT make covers or backsplashes. Simply post a pic of your character and I’ll make you an edit.

Please do not rush me. I am busy at times. :tired_face:

Here’s some examples:



Current Waiting List:




Thank you @Circe_dreamteam. :black_heart:


Can you make me one of those eye pics? Like your first example? It’s beautiful


Certainly. :grin:
Any specific details I should know about?


Oh thank you so much! Here is what I would prefer

. The eyebrow to look like those beauty guru eyebrows on instagram (I’ll send a pic for clarity) a bit like the thick arch eyebrow for limelight and the eyebrow colour should be brown please
. The pupil of the eye to be brown
. The eyelashes to be big and thick (Black please) kind of like fake lashes, I’ll send images if you want a reference
. The eye shape to be a bit like “Female Generic” for Limelight, but that’s just for reference.
. Can you give the eye eyeliner? Just a small cat flick, but not too short.
. Can the skin tone be slightly pale with freckles please? Like the example

And that’s it basically. If you need the images just ask :smile:

Thank you


Wow, these are just stunning :heart_eyes:

Love your style!!


Aren’t her examples just so amazing :scream::heart_eyes:


Absolutely :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks guys. :sweat_smile::black_heart:
@Days and @meadowh

And @meadowh I’ll get right on your request.


Thank youuu :kissing_heart:


Hey!!! Your request is ready! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your art is amazing :heart: Can I request something like your third example?


Face shape: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Bold Green
Nose: Soft Natural
Skin: Tan
Hair: Straight Black
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Mouth: Full Round Rose
Outfit: Any Warrior type clothes

Instead of making the hair go out to tree branches can you make it become fire at the ends? That would be great!

Thank you so much!



I personally think the first one is better, but that’s just my opinion…



Me too. :sweat_smile:


I’ll add you to the waiting list. :black_heart:


Thank you!




Do you do art scenes? :heart: