Laurie's Artistic Creations (On Pause)


Hey there! It depends on what it is. :slightly_smiling_face:


A guy laying in bed :))


Send me the details and I’ll see what I can do. :wink:


I just wanted to say that eye is absolutely gorgeous, and your work should be appreciated more.

Can I ask you how you did it? For example, do you have any tricks of any sort? I tried and I fail every time. You don’t have to share if don’t want to, I know every artist has their own secrets. I, however, would love to improve my own skills.

So if you’d help me out, I’d be extremely grateful to you. :heart:


The guy can look however but has to have these specific features: black hair (jet), blue eyes, and light skin:)

The background: A bed :slight_smile:

His action on the bed : shirtless, winking, laying down.

The style is LL but it doesn’t have to look like it (i love your style of work!!) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I hope this can be achieved!


That’s so kind of you to say.
Thank-you! :black_heart: I really love your art too, very beautiful.

The best art I make usually comes from observing real pictures… especially in the case of the eye. It has so much detail, it’s really not something you can trace.
I honestly find the details in creation to be the best inspiration. A single picture couldn’t capture how beautiful the clouds are.

For beginners, tutorials do help. I started off drawing on paper and moved to digital art. YouTube is my best friend when it comes to tutorials. That’s what helped me with the brown eye.


Baeee can I get an art scene?


Sure, just write down your details. :relaxed:


Just a girl with Silver hair and Silver eyes doing any pose (draw whatever u feel like drawing)


Alright, thank you for the advice! I’ll definitely go look at some tutorials now. :heart:



Are you taking request ?