LAY DOWN ANIMATIONS, How do i turn them?

Does anyone know how to flip the character in the laydown animation? I cannot work out how to do it, my chars feet are currently at the top of the bed hahahah

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


I think all you should do to flip the character is to turn them around the opposite way. For example if you use idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop, which is a laying down animation with the character facing up, you should have them face the opposite direction to where their face would be. For example, if the head of the bed was at the left, you would want them to be facing right. If the animation has them facing “downwards” (kinda), you would want them to be facing the way of the head. Sorry if I can’t explain. :sweat_smile:

I considered animations like sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop to be “downward” laying down animations. :sweat_smile:

To flip side to side, you do left/right. To make them face up/down, you have to spot direct 1 (as given) and -1 (upside down), etc.

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AHHHHH i see! Thankyou guys sm :slight_smile: <3

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