Layer error please help!

Hey guys :blush:
So apparently I got an error in my script saying this:

But I can’t see the problem with it
(I don’t know if u can see it):

Please help me! It would be very much appreciated. Thx! :grin:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer X


Thx! I will try that later!

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the layering, size,… of the overlay should be on separate lines. something like this:

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At the very end of that line you have

AT OPOLINV.1 at layer -7

Change the AT to with

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You can add the overlay layer the way she did when you add the overlay with the background name.


oh! I didn’t know that lol :joy:

Oooooh how did I not see that?
Thank you so much!! :star_struck:

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