Layer help for background characters - I'm so confused!

I’m trying to place background characters in a scene. When I preview the scene, sometimes they stay in the background but most of the time they move in front of my characters Trent and Zane (which I don’t want). It was suggested I use layers. I am having a great deal of trouble trying to find a video on how to do this. Below is my coding. Can anyone help me with where I need to specify the layer coding for my extras. I’m so confused, I want to cry right now.

&EXTRA 5 stands back far left in zone 2 AND EXTRA 5 faces left AND EXTRA 5 starts read_phone_neutral_loop
&EXTRA 6 stands back left in zone 2 AND EXTRA 6 faces right AND EXTRA 6 starts dance_groove_happy_loop
&EXTRA 3 stands back right in zone 2 AND EXTRA 3 starts dance_wavehands_happy_loop
&EXTRA 4 stands back far right in zone 2 AND EXTRA 4 starts dance_shake_happy_loop
&TRENT spot 0.975 111 159 in zone 2 AND TRENT faces right AND TRENT starts talk_handraised_happy_loop
@add Cup Plastic Blue to TRENT
&ZANE spot 1.038 235 140 in zone 2 AND ZANE faces left
@add Cup Plastic Blue to ZANE
@pan to zone 2
ZANE (sip_cup_neutral_loop)
Why are there so many dudes here?

Thank you!

Just add “at layer 0” after the spot coding and zones on the background characters and add “at layer 1” to the main characters (or those you want to be in the front row)

Okay so layer 0 is the layer closest to the background, so if you put a character at layer 0 and another at layer 1, the character that is on layer 1 will be infront of the character at layer 0.

If i explained bad (which i think i did :sweat_smile:) this will maybe also help…

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I get it now and was able to fix my script. Thank you so much!!!

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No problem! :relaxed:

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I’m sorry. I’m even having trouble when it comes to creating topics. I’ll review the tutorial once again. Thank you.

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