Layer problem that i cont solve

I hav a girl and her dad, she has to be infront of him, i gave her a layer higher as him but it does not work.



@ANDRE spot 1.148 110 152 AND ANDRE faces right AND ANDRE is sit

@pause for 2

@ANNEKE walks to spot 1.280 264 79 AND ANNEKE faces left

    ANNEKE (talk_greet)
Hey dad, I am happy to see you! How was work?

@ANDRE walks to spot 1.348 160 64 in zone 1 and ANDRE moves to layer 3
@ANNEKE moves to layer 7
ANDRE (talk_exhausted)
Like always, my dear. But I had to leave work earlier to make dinner. Your mom is not home yet.

@ANNEKE moves to layer 0
ANNEKE (talk_awkward)

Please someone help me


Removing “@ANNEKE moves to layer 0” should fix it.

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Thank you xxx

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the girl gives a kiss to the guy and goes to her door, but she goes with her face in front off him, so backwards , she needs to go forwards and then turning and say hello.



@ERIK changes into ERIK_CASUAL3

@ANNEKE spot 1.280 202 25 AND ANNEKE faces left
@ERIK spot 1.189 127 76 AND ERIK faces right

    ANNEKE (talk_flirt)
Thanks for the great evening.

    ERIK (flirt_wink_forward)
It was a pleasure.

Animation - Cheek Kiss Right {

@ERIK spot 1.280 127 98 AND ERIK faces right
@ANNEKE spot 1.28 230 100 AND ANNEKE faces left
@ERIK moves to layer 2
@ANNEKE moves to layer 1

@ERIK starts kiss_cheek_receive
@ANNEKE starts kiss_cheek_give


    ERIK (flirt_shy)
Sweet dreams.

@ANNEKE faces right

@ANNEKE walks to spot 0.439 274 313 in 7

@ANNEKE faces left

    ANNEKE (talk_greet)

@transition fade out black 4


@Apes or @Dara.Amarie or someone else…


Use walk_rear animation when she goes to the door

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thank you lets give it a try x

@ANNEKE walk_rear spot 0.439 274 313 in 7

gives error
And how i do it so when she is rear to turn right again.


You need to use walks to spot then add the animation…

@ANNEKE walks to spot 0.439 274 313 in 7 AND ANNEKE does it while walk_rear

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ok problem solved it is with those things i have problems. I have other things i am good at, i have made a layer from the balloon and used it with the dessert loop background and no there flying, it is beautiful to see.

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I have found so a really big screen like that one with the picknick basket, it has 4 zones, ho do you upload that to your account?

It’s already in the portal

what do you mean.

i know that but i have a new one that i want to put in but it gives only 3 options not for 4 zones, it says the picture is too big.

This background is in art catalog as well

You can’t upload 4 zone backgrounds to the portal.

This is the background, it’s the same but flipped.

But it is not that big?

It has 4 zones. Why you don’t want to use this one what we have in the portal?

you can walk together long walks on the beach …:grin::grin::grin:

That’s THE SAME background what’s in the portal…

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