Layer problem urgent please thanks everybody


and why is my text this big i have written

(#) without the () does that stands for and now my post is like that lol


It stands for a number.


The # was for you to add in an amount of seconds. In case you want to speed up or slow down their walk


Maybe :thinking:


You can just type this

@follow CHARACTER to screen # in zone # in s AND CHARACTER starts (animation)


thanks mate :wink:


It always works for me when i use the “starts” with an animation


I guess the “is” is just weird then. :sweat_smile:


I use to use the “is” but then I read a LOT of scripts using the “starts” and I guess I just got use to the word starts :joy:


But oh yeah, when you want a character to follow to s specific spot just use the same one like @GiGi_is_Me

&pan to zone 2 in #
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in # AND CHARACTER starts (put animation if you want to)


I have a really odd question, in my story i have multiple times that the reader can chose there hair lipstick and clothes. But when i read my story i have to choose it too, will this change my story or do i better not choose, don’t even know if you can do that not choose…


If you’re testing it out on your own story it will be fine - won’t effect your readers


thanks :wink: