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So I’m stuck with this one scene where the MC is walking in a party with her friend and no matter how many layers I type in after layer 3, they both keep ending up behind the counter. Is there any way I can fix this?

PS: the counter is in layer 5, the chairs are in layer 7, and the “Club Bar Z1” is in layer 3. Both the MC and her friend are supposed to be in layers 10 & 11

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Screenshot 2023-03-04 153900

You need to put every character on the layer you want them to be on (and preferably do it on the line when you spot them), so for example, if your counter is on layer 5, characters behind counter will be:
@CHARACTER moves to layer 4
@CHARACTER moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2
etc etc

and in front of the counter
@CHARACTER moves to layer 6
@CHARACTER moves to layer 7
@CHARACTER moves to layer 8
etc etc

edit: if you copy paste the script here i can try to change it for you :))

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Your overlays aren’t the same size of the background

Edit: Here’s a link to a thread where I coded the overlays to size and whatnot, just switch out my characters for your own if you use it

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Thank you @Mi_writes and @Ryder14 !! Both of these definitely helped a lot :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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