Layering help needed!

I don’t know why but KYLEN keeps appearing under CHLOE instead of on top? I don’t know what I did wrong. Can someone help me?

@KYLEN spot 1.365 160 0 and KYLEN starts kiss_passionate_loop
@CHLOE spot 1.280 113 28 and CHLOE starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear

@transition fade in black

@pause for 4

@CHLOE spot 1.280 224 29 and CHLOE starts kiss_passionate_loop
**@CHLOE moces to layer 1 and KYLEN moves to layer 2 **
@KYLEN spot 1.365 160 0 and KYLEN starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear

Nevermind I noticed my mistake. Thank you too anyone who was going to take the time to help me with this error.


Closed since the issue has been solved. :smiley: