Layering help! Please reply ASAP!

Hi! How do I layer characters? And like how would I put a character behind a bartending station or something like that? Hope someone can help!


HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums ( -this thread will help, it also has a bar scene code.

How do I get the bar overlay?


it in link @JemU776 did send

How do I put it in the code though?

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you have to add it with background


Also you need to scale background in scene and paste

It says the bar overlay doesn’t exist?

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because you have to tap on imagine to save as and then name overlay and upload it to art catalog in overlay and then name it under box and then press upload

Where do I upload it?

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art catalog were authors take place with coding their story but art catalog at top next to my story

but how

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nvm i found it thank you!

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and then when see art catalog there be part said backgrounds , overlays, clothing, animations but you should press overlay

tap by box that said upload to your account

you’re welcome :blush: happy to help @Sp0kyZ

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