LAYERING HELP! Which layers layer over eachother

Character layers btw
also another question… which layers layer over eachother?

What do you mean exactly?
So layer 0 is closest to the background. Then layer 1 covers layer 0, layer 2 covers layer 1 and so on. Hope that answered your question

The higher the layer number, the more in front it will be. So layer 5 will be in front of layer 2

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adding to that, this will help as well.

you can also put - behind any number

-3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3

Can someone help me please I’m doing a story for the first time and halfway through the first episode I changed my characters hair in the script but when I preview it, it changes the hair all the way at the begging instead of from the part I wrote it into ??

@lanafrazer_episode @Dara.Amarie @line123462 @cheris thanks let me try it


that is cause you gone through that comand. if you go out and in again(dosent work on the app) it should be fine

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Did you check you’re phone?? I reccomend making a new topic for this btw :slight_smile:

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Yes I did and I will do thank you

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Just change her hair in the beginning too… that’s what I had to do. Didn’t matter wether it was previewed in the portal or on the app. Changing my characters lip color and hair color later on in the story made it that way from the beginning. So I just added the @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Taupe and @CHARACTER changes hair into Beach Wave Hair at the beginning of my script before she enters the screen and that fixed it! :blush:

OK can you please help me with how to do the following?

I have two characters eating at a table. One gets up and exits left. When he exits, he walks in between the character who is sitting and the table, when I want him to walk behind the character that is sitting. How would I write that?

just move character to a layer behind the characters before he exit scene

Thank you!!! Got it :slight_smile:

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