Layering issue! Need help ASAP!

Hey so I am in the middle of writing my first episode of my first story, so I’m new to all of this. So basically, I’m having an issue with the layering of one of my characters in particular. I need him to be in front of all the characters in the scene, however no matter how high I put the layer he is still behind all my characters. I don’t know if this is some simple error and I’m just really daft or if it is a recurring problem for others too. Any help would be fully appreciated, if you need a screenshot of my script I will happily share it. Just let me know. Thank you :pray:t2:

You should share a screenshot so the problem can be spotted :thinking:

I’ve had to separate into 3 screenshots hope you don’t mind.

The problem lies with the character MASON. He ends up behind the other characters rather than in front. Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

Did you try changing the layers?

Yes I have already tried that. It won’t work

Try putting him at layer 7 since one of your character is at layer 6

Layer 4

Ok let me try that now

No it hasn’t changed anything

What layers are each of your characters at?

Also maybe try changing some of the @'s to &'s.

CAFWORK1 : layer 1
EXTRA1 : layer 3
CALLIE : layer 4
YOU : layer 5

Ok I’ll try that now :+1:t2:

No it hasn’t done anything :pensive:

I suggest you try previewing it in the episode app since sometimes the previewer can sometimes glitch

That’s what I have been doing, but thanks for the suggestion x

Can you copy and paste the script you currently have? :sweat_smile:

I have shown them above.