Layering issue! Need help ASAP!

It’s not working because you can’t move character to the layer when it’s not on the screen yet

@STACEY stands offscreen right AND STACEY moves to layer 3
@STACEY walks to screen right

Thanks, but its not working should I a different overlay layer?

You can try spotting

Did everything work out?

@Jade94 , this might help you:

For the overlay, try this:

INT. CEO OFFICE OL – DAY with DESK 14 to 1.270 6 56 in zone 1 at layer 3

And for Stacy, try this instead:

@STACY spot 1.280 492 0 in zone 1 at layer 4 AND STACY faces left

@STACY walks to spot 1.280 270 0 in 2 AND STACY does it while walk_neutral

I hope everything gets solved!

Thanks I will try. Sorry for the late reply.

Layers conufse me :thinking:

You will get the hang of it, if you keep trying :sweat_smile:

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Hi can someone help me with overlays and layers. I am new on episode. I mean new to writing stories.

So what will be the layer for a person to stand behind a bar counter.

The bar counter needs to be at layer 1 and the character needs to be at layer 2 and if that doesn’t work, switch the layers

how do u move the bar counter

i am using the background bar

You need the overlay of the bar

could you give me an overlay bar or give me the instruction to get it

There are plenty of people who provide overlays, just search for them with the search bar in the top corner

people like who

Need An Overlay? I'll help you! (Including Arm Overlays) *CLOSED TO CATCH UP* here’s one

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