Layering issues with my story

Hey everyone ! so I have a problem. When I view my story on my laptop , everyone is standing properly no one is on top of one another. However when readers are reading it on their phones , one of my characters is standing on top of the MC. I tried changing their layering positions but I’m probably doing it wrong lol

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Did you try and add layering codes into the story? For example:

@CHARACTERNAME moves to layer x

[x = variable for layer (replace with what layer you want the character in)] (Replace CHARACTERNAME with your character’s name.)

The layers can be negative as well. :sweat_smile:

I’ll try the negative numbers and see if it works :slight_smile:

&QUEEN AURELIA spot 0.511 161 483 in zone 2 AND QUEEN AURELIA faces left
&JACKSON spot 0.470 95 415 in zone 2 AND JACKSON faces left AND JACKSON moves to layer -3
&LUCAS spot 0.508 147 351 in zone 2 AND LUCAS faces left
&ELIZA spot 0.510 213 343 in zone 2 AND ELIZA faces left
&FAIRY AINE spot 0.510 265 321 in zone 2 AND FAIRY AINE faces left

&STORM spot 0.624 107 170 in zone 2 AND STORM faces left AND STORM starts idle_rear AND STORM moves to layer 0

I hope this helps

if you do not set layers for the characters episode gives them random layer… from what I have noticed its usually layer 1,2,3 - the problem is that it is as mentioned random…

so on pc you might experience character being on layer 3 but in app it will put him on layer 1 atc…

So the best what you can do is simply set layer for every character on start of the scene.

Also an important note - simple directing ( especially walking command) resets layers back to random. So if you use more complex directing and layers use always spot directing for walking and not simple directing!

Thank you so much !

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