Layering overlays for a scene

So I have several scenes where my character is in bed, under a blanket (1st overlay) with the dim light overlay (2nd overlay).

^ that’s what the parts in my script look like.

In some of the scenes, the blanket is layered above the dim light and then some other scenes the dim light is over the blanket (which is what i want!)

I tried adding the layers but that did not work and that put my character above all the overlays.

does anybody know what I could do to fix this?

Move character to layer -1, overlay blanket to layer 1 and effect dim to layer 3

More about layers here:

Hi, thank you for replying!

I did just that, and it still puts the blanket over the dim effect. .:confused:

Can you show me your code?

INT. MYBED with MYBLANKET at layer 1 with EFFECT DIM 60 at layer 3
@/OLIVIA moves to layer -1

:thinking: add a zone number as well, maybe this will help.

INT. MYBED with MYBLANKET in zone # at layer 1 with EFFECT DIM 60 in zone # at layer 3

And try to test it on the app :slight_smile:

this is what i got :confounded:

on the app it is also like this too… it’s so weird.

Can you show code with Olivia spotting?


all the other scenes with the bed have the exact same coding for the spot as well

ohhh wait it’s working, let me see if all the other scenes will do the same!

it’s all working now!!

i put the overlays into the different layers and then i also had to specify which zone and layer for olivia

thank you!! :grin: