Layering people in differentg layers



So i was trying to create a scene where people were at a party and I wanted a bunch of people in all the zones but I can’t seem to layer the people. If anyone can help or tell me how to do so I would very very appreciative thanks!


There is already a set template for a 3 zone party :slight_smile: just go on the episode you are writing, click on script templates and then on Crowd - 3 zone party

However, for future use, you’d have to spot characters, for example
@YOU spot 0.8 200 250 in zone 1 at layer 2
So, regarding layers, if a Character A is on layer 1 and Character B is on layer 2, then Character A would be behind Character B.
To have characters in layers, you can spot them like I said above ^ , or just write:
@CHARACTER moves to layer 3

I am sure there are already posts explaining this better though :joy:


Thank you so much


@Ryan or @Jeremy if one of you can close this that would be great thanks.