Layering problem ! please help!

Layering of overlays is not working in my story
NO Mistakes but it is not working!
Is it a bug?

overlays are modern chairs and modern table

can u show your code?

if u putted “ui” instead of “overlay” then it wont work

Can I see a screenshot of your script?

Here it is

What’s wrong in my script? :cry:

write it like

&overlay INT. CAFE MODERN TABLE2 moves to layer 0

or whatever the name of overlay and layer is

That’s what I wrote

What’s wrong?

maybe put characters code at the end? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Does order matter?
I inserted ‘&’ there

Oh my God!
It works!!!


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well, sometimes I just change the orders
and it works :thinking:

and u should use “and” for all codes… u know?
so, u can can decrease those coding lines?

You need to specifiy a different layer number for each overlay and character, so chair1 and chair4 would be layers 1 and 2, the boy and girl would be 3 and 4, the chair arms would be 5 and 6 and the table 7.

There’s also a bug if you specify the character layer separate from your spot directions, so it’s best to code the characters layers like this:
@BOY spot 0.961 58 212 in zone 2 at layer 3

So, although it looks okay since you’ve moved the character code to the bottom of the list, it might not look okay for anyone else playing the game.

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